Writing My Truth: Journey To Devonne Adanna

My Five Step Plan To Identify My Proficiency, Find My Passion, and Share It With The World.

I have been a competitive, over-achieving multi-tasker all my life.

A fact that has lead me down several paths.

Usually ending with me winning a prize or some accolade.

Don’t get me wrong.

I am grateful for all I have accomplished in my short years.

But at 35, married with 2 kids and 3 degrees, I’m burnt out.

Stick a fork in me, I am DONE!

What do I mean?

I find myself with yet another degree.

One that tells me I’m proficient at yet another skill and frankly, I am not excited to execute on.

So what do I do?

Where do I go from here?

After considerable thought.

Sleepless nights.

Action impeding anxiety.

Lots of reading and watching…

I came up with a plan.

I’m writing it down, so I don’t forget.

And to keep myself accountable.

Its time to extract the happiness out of life I was told was possible when I was a kid.

First: Become Super Super Self Aware.

If I am going to live my true authentic self for the next 40-50 years (hopefully), I’m going to have to get clear on who I am.

Here are a few questions I have contemplated to understand my myself and what I have to offer the world better.

  • What are my core values?
  • Who am I?
  • What quotes am I always stating (and re-stating)?
  • What are my recurring themes when dealing with others?
  • What are my beliefs around love, health, wealth and happiness?

These questions are to help me solidify my manifesto.

We are all a work in progress and as life evolves we change with it.

But I am seeking my universal truths.

The ones I have always known or held to be true.

My thesis statements if you will.

Second: Identify My Proficiency.

As I stated before, I am good at a whole helluva lotta things.

As with any human, I decide to go after a goal, put all my energies into it and usually, I can achieve it.

This is how I got through law school after all.

The second time at least.

Many people do not know I flunked my first year of law school.


Like failed.

I took a year off to regroup.

Had a good long talk with myself.

Then I made sure I whooped law school’s ass.

Because why?

I am a winner.

I am not gonna let some law school exam show me up.

In short: ego.

But now, I am looking under the hood.

Getting down to my basic inner workings.

Looking back over my life and asking myself the following:

  • What emerged early as my true gift?
  • What demonstrated innate skill do I have that people have paid me for?
  • What skill have I always been complimented on?
  • What process do I enjoy going through?

I have never had a problem expressing myself.

And though I feel comfortable on any stage (actng, singing, dancing, public speaking, hosting) the written word is where my gift comes to life.

I am delighted by writing posts on social media (especially for others).

I like finding the right word to express a particular feeling.

Or leaving the reader educated, entertained or inspired.

So… writing it is!

Third: Understand My Passion.

Now I know who I am and what I’m good at, let’s move on to what I like.

Don’t see a difference between the two?

Ok, let’s say I’m a practical and logical thinker.

And, I’m good at Math (this is actually true).

Am I then meant to be a mathematician?



It’s not what I like.

I have no passion for it.

Passion is more than basic enthusiasm.

Passion is an overpowering desire.

Its almost like an attraction.

When you let yourself go to it, you feel a sense of relief because it was pent up in you so long.

I am a passionate person so I’ll only list a few of my passions in no particular order.

  • Helping People Succeed
  • Tobago
  • Simple Living
  • Fruits & Vegetables (Mangoes & Avocados)
  • Trend Spotting
  • Social Media
  • Raising Free Thinking Children
  • 80s, 90s & early 2000s Hip Hop, Dancehall and Soca Music Culture
  • Branding Through Writing

And yes, you can absolutely expect me to write about these topics plus much more.

Fourth: Find My Medium.

So where can I find a space to share my proficiency for writing about my passions with the world?

My research has led me to 3 outlets (really 4 if you count this blog)

Medium, LinkedIn and Quora.

If you want people to read your works of literary art then these are the perfect spaces to do so.

Thankfully, the internet has reduced the cost of distribution and access to my would be audience.

I no longer have to beg a newspaper to allow me to write for them.

Or a magazine.

I can post to my own blog.

I can be my own media and put my truth (and my talent) right out there for the world to read.

And if the market thinks its good enough…

They’ll read it.

And maybe if its really really good…

They may even show it some appreciation by “liking” or commenting.


Hell, they may even share it and get other people to read it too.

Now that would be super cool.

Fifth: Getting It Done.

So strategy is great.

Without execution though… not so great.

How am I going to get my truth out into the world?

Straight up?


Plain and simple.

Below is an outline of my intended posting schedule.

Devonne Adanna Content Creation & Posting Schedule


Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat



Blogpost Creating Medium Creating Quora Creating








I am putting this out here because I need your help.

I need you to be my accountability partner.

If I say I’m going to post to my blog on Tuesdays…

and its Thursday…

and you haven’t seen anything…

Send me an email.

Let me know I have let you down.

Do you have a plan for making your truth happen?

Tell me in the comments below.

Thank you kindly for your attention.

Did you know I’m on Facebook?

I have a few FB “Notes” you may be interested in reading: /DevonneAdanna





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