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 Five Statistics That Prove Your Business Needs To Use Instagram

If you own a business and you are not using Instagram, you’re leaving money on the table.
A lot of it.
You’ve read a few statistics about this social media platform.
But what exactly does it all mean for you and your brand?
Let’s break down some of these stats about Instagram.
And explore how and why you should be taking advantage of them.
Why should you care?
That’s 800 million opportunities to sell your product.
Why would you NOT take advantage of such an opportunity?
Remember, your competition is no longer right down the street from you.
You are competing with the world.
People are spending significant amounts of their time on the internet.
If 800 million people are choosing to spend their time on Instagram then you need to be there too.
This statistic is from 2016 so that number could now be well higher.
Do you know why Instagram is so popular with people outside the US?
Because it is a mobile app.
You don’t need a computer to access Instagram.
It was designed for mobile.
And almost everybody in the world has a smartphone.
If your good or service is able to answer the problem of someone in South Africa, then you need to be where they can find you.
It would be a disservice not to make your brand available to all who need it.
No matter where they are in the world.
Think of Instagram as an international marketplace.
One where the playing field is leveled and everyone has the same opportunity to make the sale.
But Devonne if all those other businesses are on Instagram then the market is saturated.
Au contraire.
If other businesses are there then you should be there too.
Because 200 million users visit at least one business profile per day.
Say what now?
That’s a quarter of ALL Instagram’s users.
Each of whom could be visiting your profile.
Time to rethink your stance on Instagram for your business?
Yes it is.
Devonne Adanna Tip: Need help deciding on an effective Instagram strategy? Send me a message here and I will help you.
That’s right.
Because this is a mobile app, people are more likely to make a purchase right from their phone.
How do you make it easy for users to buy on their phone from your business’ Instagram profile?
1. Optimizing your Instagram profile bio.
Ensure there is a link to the online platform (e-commerce website/Etsy/Ebay) where you sell your good or service in your bio.
Your bio should also provide the best way to contact you whether by DM, Whatsapp or email.
2. Having a clear call to action under your posts.
I am not suggesting you sell in every post.
For the posts highlighting your product let your followers know exactly what they need to do to get it.
Devonne Adanna Tip: Never put ”Link in Bio” under your picture without putting your Instagram handle right after it. Make it easier for your followers (and new people) to get back to the link in your bio. So it should like this: Link in bio – @Devonne.Adanna.
3. Using hashtags
Hashtags are the best way to help new and returning customers find you.
Many marketers refer to hashtags as the ticket you buy to win the Instagram lottery.
For example.
Let’s say you sell wedding dresses.
Brides looking for “wedding dress inspiration” will be searching (and following) that hashtag.
If you want to get discovered by those brides, give yourself the best opportunity.
Use hashtags that provide those brides with the most value.
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