Devonne Adanna as captured by Barrick Productions.

Allow Me To Help…

My name is Devonne Adanna and I help brands (both personal and commercial) create unique written content to increase their loyal fan base.

As far back as I can remember I have loved two things: helping people succeed and telling stories.

I especially love telling (non-fiction) stories through writing.

I am passionate about story telling because it defines you to the people you want to reach.

Stories help us to tell people exactly who we are.

They define our personal (and professional) brand to the world.

My specialties are

  • Mini-blogposts on social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Medium & Quora).
  • Longer form posts on Facebook notes, websites, and e-mail newsletters.

Below are just a few of the brands that have allowed me to help them tell their story:

Soothing Touch Massage Therapy Services – a Tobago company offering massage therapy services.

Drizzles Tropical Syrups –  a Trinidad based manufacturer of syrups made from indigenous produce.

Snaqqle Sweets – a company putting a new twist on traditional sweets found in Tobago

Barrick Product – a  Tobago production company specializing in top quality service in the areas of Film, Television and Photography.

Sure you have great pictures (or videos) to post but what about the words to go with them?

How are you going to tell your brand story?

What you write matters.

You have the talent, let me help you tell people about it.

Allow me to help you build your brand and tell your story by sending me a message here.

Message me today and get your first TWO items of written content FREE.

I look forward to helping you succeed.

Thank you kindly for your attention.

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