Devonne Adanna as captured by Barrick Productions 

Hello There

Welcome to the blog of Devonne Adanna.
I am a writer.
My passion is helping brands speak their truth.
When you are a business owner (or the talent) of your brand it is difficult to articulate what you do.
Especially in the online world.
Your online presence no matter the platform sells for you when you are not there to sell yourself.
What you say matters.
So how can I help amplify your brand?
Allow me to help you create content that communicates your value to your ideal customer.
Whether its for your email newsletter.
A blogpost.
Even social media posts.
How you engage your customers across different social media platforms matters.
You need a writer who understands the difference.
A writer who will ask the right questions to understand you and your brand.

Call To Action

If you are frustrated by the ever looming question of “what should I post today?”
Message me here.
If you know your time is better spent working on your talent than figuring out how to tell people about it.
Message me here.
If you understand the money you are leaving on the table by NOT having a writer to amplify your brand.
Message me here.
Still not sure?
Did I mention I create TWO items of branded content for free?
No catch.
If you want in on that:
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