3 Best Places to Have Outdoor Sex in Tobago.

Is your favourite outdoor spot to hook up on any one else’s radar?
Keep reading to find out.
Disclaimer: Indecent exposure (and therefore outdoor sex) is illegal in Trinidad and Tobago (Section 7 of the Criminial Offences Act, Chap 11:01 ).
For a complete list of other illegal things in Tobago, you can read my post about it here.
Now that the legal is out of the way, bring on the sex!
Tobagonians can be quite skittish when it comes to sex (or so they’ll have you believe).
Many would never acknowledge a conversation about sex privately much less entertain an outdoor one.
Pun intended.
Needless to say I was pleased to have gotten so many responses when I posed the following question to my audience:
Screen shot of question as it appeared on my personal Facebook account.
Some answers were typical.
The Botanical Gardens.
Several beaches.
And of course, car parks.
Like the one person who said: the Scarborough General Hospital car park (at night).
Yea they specified that it had to be at night.
Others were intriguing.
Such as the incline over the Auchenskeoch roundabout.
The shooting range in John Dial.
Or my personal favourite: the middle of the field at the Dwight Yorke Stadium.
And then there were three so daring I began to question my own outdoor sex experience.

1. What’s That Up There?

The Mt. Marie walk over.
This particular walk over is located at an interesting point along the Claude Noel Highway.
Right outside of two schools.
Bishop’s High School.
My alma mater.
And St. Nicholas Primary School (also my alma mater).
So naturally this particular response tickled me.
If any of you are brave enough to pull this off you might want to do so very late at night/wee hours of the morning.
When the roads are desolate.
However, at those hours, the likelihood of police being on patrol are higher (maybe).
But what are the chances they will be looking up at the walk over?
There are so many things to consider here.
One thing’s for sure that well placed sign will provide much needed coverage.
Would an outdoor romp here be worth the risk of arrest?
[Let me know your thoughts in the comment below]

2. The (not so) Mile High Club

How about the ramp at the ANR Robinson International Airport?
This one has adrenaline written all over it.
Tobago’s only international airport is not big.
But the red tape get to the ramp may require some fancy leg work.
And even if you get past the red tape how much time will there be for foreplay?
Or postplay for that matter.
Am I overthinking this?
Yes I am.
This sounds like something best left to someone working at the airport.
With the right type of “outdoor” access.
But hey, never say never.

3. How About At An Outdoor Bar?

One of the more interesting suggestions I heard (from a very popular jet ski rental operator) was the sandbar in the vicinity of No Man’s Land and Nylon Pool.
The beauty of the sandbar is that its appearance is seasonal.
Truth be told, no one has seen the sandbar for quite some time.
Could it be global warming?
Or climate change?
But that makes any previous sexual encounter you may have had there that much more excitin.
Here are two more places (other people suggest) you should consider.  

And Nude Beaches?

The are two beaches on the island many visitors have branded nude beaches.
I doubt they have been sanctioned by the government though.
Especially in light of the law I stated above.
Canoe Bay and English Man’s Bay have long had a reputation as nude beaches.
I cannot confirm or deny this label.
If you have better information, please share below.
Thank you kindly for your attention.

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