21 Questions With a Visitor To Tobago

Tobago tourism is always talked about from the perspective of Tobagonians.

But what about the people who visit our island.

Sometimes we get so caught up in building the tourism product.

We forget who we are building it for.

So I am starting a new series.

Its called “21 Questions With A Visitor To Tobago”.

Love the title?

Me too!

The premise is simple.

Ask a visitor questions about their trip to Tobago.

From the good.

The bad.

And everything in between.

Whatever their response I will repost

As is.

First guest?

Tarick Glancy.


Here’s the intro from his website:

“Wa Gwan. My name is Tarick Glancy. You may also know me as “Puddy”. I’m an actor, performer and model.”

Now that you guys are acquainted…

Let’s get to the questions.

No.1  Who are you?

Tarick Glancy

No.2  Where are you from and where do you live now?

I am born, raised and still live in the Toronto area.

No.3  What do you do?

I am an actor, model and performer.

No.4  Why and when did you travel to Tobago?

I traveled to Tobago last carnival season (2017). My sister was getting married to a Trini (we are Guyanese) so they decided that Tobago would be the perfect destination in which to tie the knot. After having been there, I fully agree.

No.5  How long did you spend in Tobago?

I spent about 4 days in Tobago and then a week and half in Trinidad.

No.6  Did you know anything about Tobago before you came here?

Not too much. I had heard it was a really beautiful island and the people were hospitable. It turned out to be true! Other then that, my Trini friend’s told me Tobagonian’s talked like Jamaican’s (I don’t think so) and also I knew of course about Crab Curry and Dumpling. And yes I say “Crab Curry” and not “Curry Crab”. Haha.

No.7  Where was the wedding held? 

It was held at the “Mirage Tobago” on the beachfront in an area called Black Rock.

No.8  What did you enjoy most at the wedding? 

Honestly it was picturesque. They had it at sunset and everything was aesthetically perfect. I think that’s what I enjoyed most – oh, and seeing my sister get married…I guess that was important too (haha).

No.9  Are you married? 

God no. 

No.10  Would you get married in Tobago?

Hell yeh!

No.11  What beach/es did you go to in Tobago?

It was this long beautiful beach in Black Rock. I really liked that beach because not only did we have private access to the waterfront, but a lot of locals frequented that spot. I would walk up and down and have chats – Tobagonians are very friendly and love to bust a couple jokes!

No.12  Did you enjoy your visit to Tobago?

Very much so. It’s a very relaxing island. Especially compared to the hustle and bustle of Trinidad.

No.13  What did you enjoy the most about Tobago? 

Probably the people. If I get married in Tobago, YOU KNOW it will be because I done married a Tobagonian 😉

No.14  Did you try curried crab and dumplings while in Tobago? 

Lame I know, but I didn’t get to. Literally right after the wedding I caught a flight to Trinidad because it was Machel Monday and I couldn’t miss that!

No.15  Whats the best thing you ate in Tobago? 

Soursop ice cream. OH GOD how I love myself some local, homemade soursop ice cream.

No.16  Where did you stay in Tobago? 

I stayed at the Mirage Tobago Hotel. The villa was roomy and gorgeous and you could literally take 2 steps and you were on the beach, ready to take a dip into the ocean. You can check it out here.

No.17  Any bad experiences as a visitor to Tobago you can share? 

Nah. Everything was great. The only thing I regret is a friend had told me about this lady who bakes fresh bread in a mud oven and sells it in the market. Apparently it’s a bread that only the gods could have baked, and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go and get myself a loaf 🙁

No.18  Did you buy any souvenirs? If so what? 

I didn’t grab any souvenirs cause I’m not that kind of fella. I was told however that I must get some fudge and sugar cake from the stalls across from the airport…let’s say I don’t regret that decision either 🙂

No.19  How did you feel when you stepped off the plane from Tobago?

Like a million bucks.

No.20  Did you learn anything from/on your trip to Tobago? 

Small island life is where it’s at!

No.21  Would you visit Tobago again?

For sure. It’s quaint, relaxing and lived up to all my expectations.

What did we learn here?

Destination wedding in Tobago is a YES!

Homemade soursop ice-cream in Tobago also a YES!

Acommodations on the beach in Tobago is a HELL YES!

Friendly and funny people in Tobago… YOU BETCHYA!

Want to know more about Tarick, you can link up with him via his Instagram page or on his website.

Do you want me to interview more visitors to Tobago?

Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you kindly for your attention.


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